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Steel Tanks

Steel Tanks

Water Storage Tanks

Steelfab Water Solutions uses its extensive experience to provide the highest quality advice on commercial, industrial and fire-water storage tank systems.

Each tank project, including plastic water tanks, portable water tanks, steel water tanks, etc. has our individual attention so that our valued clients can have the confidence that the solution we provide will meet all their requirements. Our commitment to project management is second to none ensuring that completion is on-time and on-budget.

If you are require plastic water tanks, portable water storage tanks, water tank liners, irrigation water tanks, and portable water pumps for different purposes.

Domestic Water Tanks

A reliable safe water storage tank is one of the most important items you will ever invest in, after all we cannot live without clean water! At Steelfab we really understand this and that is why we have used our design expertise and the very best materials to develop our two standard domestic ranges Aquadome and Statesman water tanks.

With our commitment to providing tanks that are of a high quality, cost effective and have longevity we have produced our extensive range of water storage tanks. The Aquadome and Statesman ranges of water tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and colors and are back by our steel-clad Pro-Rata warranty that covers parts and labor.

These tanks are designed to all relevant Australian Standards and rated for the storage of potable or drinking water. This means that you can have complete peace of mind when you invest in a Steelfab water tank.

The following accessories are standard on all our domestic water tanks:

  • 50mm outlet with full flow poly ball valve
  • 50mm fire outlet with full flow poly ball valve and camlock adaptor
  • 50mm overflow with PVC overflow pipe to ground level and away from the tank 1metre
  • Sliding access hatch fitted to the roof
  • Steel filter box with sliding covers and insect proof screen
  • Roof mounted whirly bird ventilator
  • Edge flashing to roof sheeting for safety and to provide a neat finish and appearance
  • Bolt cover caps to all tank bolts
  • Hot Dip Galvanized trusses for longevity of the roof support system

All of these fittings and accessories are of the highest quality to ensure longevity and reliability.

Steelfab Water Solutions are the only company to manufacture our own solid liner in-house to Australian Standards AS4020; Drinking Water. The superior quality of our liner gives you complete peace of mind as it secures your water better than any other liner can. It’s strong and flexible, with a 250% stretch factor.

The Steelfab Water Solutions design team is available to assist with the design of your catchment system. When relying on rain water for your total water supply, the catchment system to collect the rain water and get it into your new Steelfab water tank is a critical part of the overall system.

Our design team will assist you with the design of this system as part of our service to our clients. Working with you and your drawings or sketches of your property we will design the most efficient system for your property. This is a no-charge service for our valued customers.

Measurements & Specifications

Model Conical Roof Capacity Gallons Capacity Liters INT Diameters
MT7C 700 3200 1.25
MT15C 1500 6840 2.40
MT28C 2800 12750 3.32
MT60C 6000 27000 4.80
MT100C 10000 45000 5.80
MT150C 15000 68000 6.90
MT200C 20000 91000 8.14
MT300C 32000 148679 10.40

What you should know about the Statesman:

The top of the range Statesman is the only tank that has a complete guttering system to enable it to fill itself from its own roof.

Engineer Certified and manufactured to the highest standards.

Steelfab produce their own Liners fro both tank and pool range, Liners are custom made for tanks and pools of all sizes.

Our Tank walls are 1mm thick which is 30% thicker that other tanks. All tanks come compete with Outlet and Ball Valve. Overflow, Access Hatch and stainless steel Screen Filter and Fire fighting Outlet.

The Statesman has completely smooth interior walls, no bolts protrude into the inside if the tank.

An added benefit of the Statesman is its vented walls which eliminated condensation between Liner and tank.

Aquadome tanks

Aquadome tanks are built to the height of only 1.70 m so you can place them right under your eaves to collect more water from your house roof.

Every sheet of BHP Zincalume is precisely rolled to combine extra strength and to give the Aquadome an esthetic profile which not only looks great but is very strong!

Modular Liners & Covers

Modular Tanks have their own liner division MODULAR LINERS AND COVERS, making modular Tanks one of the few tank makers that manufacture their own liners, thus enabling us to offer a TRUE WARRANTY factory backed rather than seller backed.

We therefore have 100% Quality control on our product.

Using the latest high tech welding process or High Frequency (HF) we manufacture liners not only for our domestic water tanks but also for a range of Commercial and Industrial tanks.

Modular Liners and Covers manufacture and install specialized liners for the mining industry.

Measurements & Specifications

Model2 Ring Dome Roof Capacity Gallons Capacity Liters INT Diameters
AD5 1423 6463 2.20
AD10 2507 11385 2.92
AD15 3940 17880 3.66
AD20 5668 25735 4.39
AD100 9556 43385 5.70
AD120 12047 54696 6.40
AD175 16900 76724 7.58
AD200 21401 97151 8.53
AD250 26433 120008 9.48
AD320 31996 145266 10.43
2 Ring Dome Roof Capacity Gallons Capacity Liters INT Diameters
AD1003R 14334 65078 5.70
AD1203R 18071 82055 6.40
AD1753R 25349 115086 7.58
AD2003R 32101 145741 8.53
AD2503R 39650 180012 9.48
AD3003R 47995 217899 10.43

Liners Portable Liner Quality

In our liner division we use only top quality liner materials. All materials used are tested by the Australian Water Quality Center and carry the AS/NZ4020 Approval. Aquatics is exclusive to Stars.

This is the quality standard required for the storage of portable water.

Test carried out are:

  • Taste of water extract
  • Appearance of water extract
  • Growth of aquatic micro organisms
  • Cytotoxic activity of water extract
  • Mutagenic activity of water extract

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