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Zincalume Tank

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Zincalume Tank

These tanks are fabricated using the highest grade of “Zincalume Steel” as MOC, which lasts up to four times longer than galvanized steel. We use our vast industrial knowledge experience in continuous up gradation of latest software technologies to acquire supreme designs, execution capability and techniques. We efficiently proffer a wide product line to its global customers as per their specific requirements at highly competitive prices.

Zincalume steel, a premium material complies with requirements of Indian Standard – IS 15961, International Standard – ISO 9364, Australian Standard – AS 1397 and American Standard – ASTM A 792M.

Zincalume steel is manufactured by a continuous hot dipped metallic coating process. The alloy coating of Zincalume steel provides excellent corrosion resistance and has been found to possess greater resistance to cracking and peeling. Zincalume® steel has an alloy coating of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. The 150g/m2 (with option of 200g/m2) coating weight is distributed equally on both surfaces of the coated strip. Metallic surface is coated with separate layers of special passivation solution and resin.



the range from 10 cubic meters to 5000 cubic meters.


Our prefabricated design  allows  the  tank  to  be  dis-assembled  and  relocated  as  many  times  as desired.



We offers a range of state-of-the-art liner technologies suitable for almost all applications. Our reinforced liners are capable of supporting water pressures of more than 2kg/cm2 and are capable of storage of wide variety of liquids.

Standard Liners

Manufactured from  reinforced,  multi-layered, food-grade  anti-algae,  UV  stabilized  PVC  liner with a woven multifacent nylon scrim, the Rostfrei liner  is  primarily  used  for  installation  in  lighter commercial and rural domestic tank designs. Con- sisting  of  three  bonded  layers  of  PVC  fabric,  it ensures a homogenous bond between each layer. The inert nature of the PVC prevents it from affect- ing the stored liquids.



Our tanks come in a strong corrugated profile and are stiffened with unique ‘W’ stiffeners with much higher strength and reliability than normal one. Our unique corrugation technology of uniform pitch and depth makes it a premium one as it acts as a structural reinforcement and shock absorber for earth movement or soil subsidence.



Zincalume is the new cutting edge technology that  has  given  our  tanks  the  best  enhanced and aesthetic features. Our expertise in manu-facturing  Zincalume  tanks  sets  us  apart  from others. “Zincalume tanks” are fabricated using the  highest  grade  of  “Zincalume  steel”  which lasts  up  to  four  times  longer  than  galvanized steel  and  ensures  superior  performance  and durability.  Powered  by  hot  galvanised  AZ150 coating  of  43.5%  Zinc,  55%  Aluminium  and 1.5% Silicon, this extensive research technolo-gy  makes  Rostfrei  takes  30%  to  40%  more corrosion resistant than hot galvanized Z275 steel. With an increasing demand for its durability, resil- ience and sustainability, Zincalume is bound set the next generation standard in the coming years.



The well-devising bolting and welding features makes our tanks much easier to install and relocate. Unlike conventional tanks, our tanks do not require sealing and coating on-site.



We provide tailored formations based on geographical and environmental conditions and also as per the requirements of our esteemed clients.

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