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Fabric Solutions

Fabric Solutions

Turnkey design & manufacturing Solutions for :

  • Liquid Storage Bladders
  • Flexi Tanks
  • Pillow tanks
  • Tank Liner
  • Industrial Water Curtains
  • Bund Liners
  • Geomembrane Liner & Floating Covers
  • Secondary Containment Liners

Pillow Tanks and Bladder Tanks for Portable Liquid Storage :

Pillow Tanks (also known as bladders and bladder tanks) are collapsible, portable units capable of storing fuels, oils, chemicals, liquids, effluents, gases & slurries for commercial, mining, industrial, domestic and military applications. Now commonly used for rainwater harvesting.

Not just a Water Bladder:

Fabric Solutions Pillow Tanks (Bladders and Bladder Tanks)are collapsible, portable tanks capable of storing a wide range of fuels, chemicals, oils, gases, liquids, effluents and slurries. Water Bladders are the most common use for Pillow Tanks, but they also offer an ideal storage solution for a wide range of commercial, industrial, mining, marine and residential applications. These include, but are not limited too,

  • Emergency Aid
  • Mining Use
  • Chemical Plants
  • Waste Containment
  • Council Storage
  • Pool Renovations
  • Construction Sites
  • Water Works

Fabric Solutions Bladder and Pillow Tanks are Australian made, and constructed fromreinforced, heavy-duty PVC or Polyurethane Polymer fabrics that are chemical resistant, UV-resistant and can withstand abrasion. These units can provide both short and long term storage. Additionally, the unit itself can be easily transported when empty.

Smaller Pillow Tanks may also be used in a variety of domestic applications; from camping and fishing storage to home-based water solutions (where having a water tank is either not permitted or inconvenient).

Pillow Tank Features:

    • Aglae Resistant
    • Certified for storing drinking water
    • Fabric Solutions pressure test all bladders and pillow tanks before they leave the factory.

For storage offuel, water and other liquids in capacities up to 1,000,000 litres.

  • Pillow tanks are fully enclosed and ideal in applications where contamination from external elements may be an issue.
  • Ideal for portable and/or remote location applications, such as mining camps.
  • All of Fabric Solutions bladders and pillow tanks are made to order.
  • Fittings size and location customised to your requirements

Pillow Tank and Bladder Tank Accessories:

  • Drain Fittings
  • Manway entry ports.
  • GroundSheets are available and recommended.

Bermliners are recommended for any application where sensitive fluids are being stored such as fuel or sewage.

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