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GRP Portable toilets is one of the traditional / conventional products which is widely used in Construction sites due to
its light weight structure and low pricing and ready availability with water & waste tanks. The normal toilets have a
dimension of 1.20 x 1.20 x 2.00 meters. The water tank of this portable toilet has a total capacity of 300 liters while the
waste holding tank has 500 liters capacity and could be increased a few hundreds more on requirements.
It also has special features to make you comfortable when you are using the portable toilet such as wash basin, soap
dish, extra water tap, shataff, tube light, exhaust fan, waterproof switch, GRP step, air vent etc. and an outlet which
also allows you to connect with external water supplies and waste outlets. If Electricity, water and waste connection
are provided externally, it would be an instant solution for all sites.
• Dimensions & Features
Size: 1.20 m x 1.20 m x 2.00m
W/C – Western type and Asian types
Water Tank – 300 Ltr capacity, Holding tank-500 Ltr. capacity,
Wash basin, Soap Dish, Extra water tap, Shattaf,
Tube light, Exhaust fan, Water proof switch,
GRP steps (for bigger waste tanks), Air vent, Outlet waste connections.

Note : 2 and 3 toilets attached are also available

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