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Aquatic Barrier

Aquatic Barrier

The Aquabarrier comprises of a single hollow polyethylene rigid module, produced using a rotational moulding system. It is light weight (80 kilos) when empty, making it easy to move and deploy, but when filled, it can weigh up to 10000 kilos depending on the type of fill material or liquid used.

It is easily decommissioned for storage, or can be covered with localised material for permanent deployment. It can be easily joined to make an extended wall with no stipulation as to its overall length.

The proven flexibility of the product has already been demonstrated, it has been accepted as a primary flood defence by the City of York in the UK. Already other government agencies are looking at the system to defend against flooding in other areas of the UK, and in the USA.

Through continual development the barrier has undergone trials supervised by the British Army’s Royal Engineers Export Support Team. During these trials 450 rounds of varying ammunition were live fired at the barriers, at ranges of 100metres to 10metres. The calibre of round varied from the 7.62 mm to 9.0 mm, none were able to penetrate through the reverse side of the barrier. Detonation of a 155 mm artillery shell 60 mm from the blast face of the barrier, again proved that the barriers could withstand such a force without compromising the integrity of the barrier. Polyethylene was chosen as a material because of its natural resistance to fragmentation, cracking and crazing, and its ability to absorb impact with- out causing ricochet or rebound. The barrier is lightweight and requires no heavy machinery for deployment. To increase the factor of safety and counteract slide integrated security mechanisms can be inserted into the purpose mouldings in the base of the barrier.

These trials show the diversity of the barrier, they may be deployed in the following : Flood Defence, Reservoirs, Liquid Retention, Coastal and Fluvial Defences. Military applications include Ballistic Defence, Blast Defence, Security Checkpoint, Traffic Management. The barriers are also available to Civil Defences, Non Government Organisations, Police and Private Security Companies. A range of colours to suit your requirements.

Barrier Dimensions

Height Width Depth Weight
1.5 metres 1.0 metres 2.2 metres 80kg

Aquabarrier Systems and Stars Poly Tanks Factory L.L.C. have recently formalised an agreement to produce the barrier in the U.A.E. for the Middle East area

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